New Voices: Manchester

New Hampshire poets S Stephanie and Patrice Pinette introduced and read with Rusul Hassoon from Iraq and Anaily Robbles from Mexico at the Bookery in Manchester on January 25, 2019. Rusul and Anaily are immigrants new to Manchester and are students in Christopher O'Keefe's ESL class at English for New Americans. Christopher also read a poem, one that was written by a French Canadian immigrant who came to Manchester 100 years ago.

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Selected works by mentor writers

S Stephanie, What the News Seems to Say
Igneus Press, 2015

S Stephanie, So This Is What It Has Come To
Finishing Line Press, 2015.

Patrice Pinette's work is included in the anthologies
Images from Ruin, New Hampshire Poetry Society,
and Mischief, Caprice and
Other Poetic Strategies, Red Hen Press.

Patrice Pinette, Blue is a Being, chapbook.

Read more about writing
with English learners:

Tell Me More: Encouraging and Developing the Voices of English Learners by New Hampshire writers and teachers, published by New Hampshire Humanities, 2018 (click image to download the book).

"Moving Away from the Margins" by Kristin Roberts-Raymond, Denise Desrosiers, Andrea Paquin,
and Carolyn Hutton in Advocacy in English Language Teaching and Learning, Routledge, 2019

“During the reading, I tried to imagine how I would feel about reading some piece of expressive writing in a new language in front of so many people. I felt I had witnessed a particular and powerful kind of courage.”

~ Audience member at New Voices Manchester

Life is a Travel

Life is full of changes.
Once you are a child.
Close and open your eyes,
and you are an adult with family
and responsibilities, the biggest,
keep safe the family.

All people have a dream,
to know a beautiful place is the first travel,
but, what if your first travel is looking for
  a safe place?
and you really try hard                        
to keep away from violence, death, and

One day I am going to travel for fun,
Now I am on the train of learning
to live with many changes, new goals,
new dreams, new challenges. It’s a new
life, far away from dangerous cities.

          ~ Anaily Robles


Thank you to our hosts at
the Bookery, Manchester