One Community, One Read - Book Discussion of "Devil in the White City"

Join the discussion of Kingston’s One Community, One Read title Devil In the White City by Erik Larson. Dr. Sally Hirsh-Dickinson will lead the book discussion as we explore many topics discussed in the book, including how young women were affected by the presence of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The Fair received over 27 million visitors, many of which were young women.

How were young women affected by this newfound freedom to leave the protection of their homes, travel to a large city, and seek employment? We will discuss the influx of young, unaccompanied women into Chicago - and their vulnerability to exploitation and other dark forces, such as H.H. Holmes...  

Dr. Hirsh-Dickinson joined Rivier University’s English faculty in 2008. She has worked for New Hampshire Public Radio since 2001, spending time as a producer for The Exchange and as the station’s weekend morning host. 

This program is part of One Community, One Read, a series of events at the Kingston Community Library. This program is supported by a New Hampshire Humanities Community Project Grant. Find more information on the Kingston Community Library website