Every day hundreds of people pass by the monument to Keene settler Nathan Blake, never knowing how Blake’s fascinating story of capture, ransom, and homecoming sheds light on our shared history.

See what can happen when art and nature merge at a free community event supported by New Hampshire Humanities on Sunday, September 30 on the grounds of the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester – it will be unlike anything you've ever seen!

Carolyn Russell was the project director for the Washington Meetinghouse documentary, "Meetinghouse: The Heart of Washington, NH." As a grant recipient, a donor, and attendee of programs, Carolyn offers a unique insight into New Hampshire Humanities. We recently had the pleasure of asking her some questions over lunch.

In New Hampshire Humanities’ "Year of New Voices" project, Ewa Chrusciel will serve as one of the professional writers partnering with English learners to share their poems or stories in public readings. Here, Ewa reflects on her linguistic journey in Polish and later English and her upcoming role as mentor of new bilingual writers.